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CoHealth is your community based health hub made up of a team of passionate and like-minded professionals dedicated to your long term health, wellbeing and growth.

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Osteopathy focuses on your whole body, including the soft tissues, the spine and nervous system, and uses a variety of hands-on methods including craniosacral.

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Self-Leadership Coaching

Integrating mind and body, self-leadership coaching helps you achieve personal understanding, clarity, and healing.

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Massage Therapy

Remedial Massage Therapy holistically treats the whole body, effective in treating muscle tension, chronic pain, and inflammation resulting from injuries or a wide range of conditions.

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Exercise Prescription

Experience a private movement session to help you improve your overall health and better understand the connection between body, mind, breath and healing.

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CoHealth Team

A principled and philosophically aligned group of integrated health professionals providing expertise and resources to support you towards your long term health and wellbeing.


Dr. Choppy Somjee

Registered Osteopath

Choppy provides an integrative approach that includes manual therapy, exercise prescription, and nutritional guidance with the aim of increasing the body's ability to heal itself.


Sief Attia

Exercise Physiologist

Seif has a fascination with the complexities of the human body and, more specifically, the path of rehabilitation. Seif believes that Exercise Physiology has the ability to empower clients to take responsibility of their own health.


Indica Burnet

Massage Therapist

With a focus on improving mobility and rebalancing the nervous system, Indica is committed to restoring the body to its optimal health and helping her clients reach their intended physical potential.


Zoy Tirris

Practice Coordinator

Talk to Zoy about your health goals and create an appointment schedule plan that fits into your lifestyle. Zoy takes great pride in offering friendly service and looks forward to assisting you.

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