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Choppy Somjee Registered Osteopath

Dr. Choppy Somjee

Registered Osteopath

Choppy is a registered Osteopath who’s therapeutic approach to the rehabilitation of sport injuries is based on the understanding that the body possesses an innate self-healing system. He utilises a variety of different manual therapy techniques to allow the body to support its own healing.

He’s completed his Masters in Osteopathy at Southern Cross University and an undergraduate degree in biomedical physiology. He combines his education in manual therapy with his background in strength and conditioning to safely and effectively prescribe individualised exercise rehabilitation strategies.

Choppy works with both competitive athletes and anyone wishing to improve their mobility and function. He’s passionate about transitioning you from the treatment room to your natural training and playing environment.

Indica is a passionate sports massage therapist, who was brought to massage through her fascination with natural medicine practices and the bodies innate ability to heal and improve itself. With a focus on improving mobility and rebalancing the nervous system, Indica is committed to restoring the body to its optimal health and helping her clients reach their intended physical potential. She understands that each individual has specific needs and limitations, and is dedicated to preventing illness and the onset of injury. Having a lot of experience working with athletes, Indica understands the importance of rapid recovery.

Indica Burnet CoHealth Team Member

Indica Burnet

Massage Therapist

Seif Attia

Exercise Physiologist

Seif is an accredited Exercise Physiologist, who has completed his master’s in clinical Exercise Physiology at Southern Cross University. He has grown up in the Byron Shire after moving here from Egypt when he was 6 months old. Seif approaches his client consultations and treatment plans in a holistic way, treating an injury in relation to the body as a whole, rather than in isolation. Seif believes this approach can have a profound effect on treatment outcomes and long-term rehabilitation.

Seif has a fascination with the complexities of the human body and, more specifically, the path of rehabilitation. Seif passionately believes that Exercise Physiology has the ability to empower clients with the tools they need to take responsibility of their own health. These tools are scientifically based exercises that are prescribed and personalised to each and every client.

Seif works with all walks of life, however is passionate in treating musculoskeletal injuries, surfing related injuries, sporting injuries and those dealing with chronic pain.

Zoy, the practice coordinator offers professional services to support Co Health clients to get the best out of their well-being experience, she has worked in the health and wellbeing industry for over 10 years.

Talk to Zoy about your health goals and create an appointment schedule plan that fits into your lifestyle. Zoy takes great pride in offering friendly service and looks forward to assisting you.

Zoy Tirris

Practice Coordinator

Ryan Lucas

Blokes Coach. Mentor. Sustainable Change Facilitator

Ryan knows first hand the challenges blokes face with communication, discipline, motivation, intimacy, relationships, inspiration and, the big one, talking about our feelings. Before he’d turned 17, Ryan lost his father to heart disease, his older brother and sister to suicide, attended 16 schools across 3 states and moved out of home.
Ryan has a practical approach to personal development and mental health that leaves out the fluff and buzz words, replacing them with tools, techniques and strategies that will give you the opportunity to discover who you really are as a bloke and what your gifts and strengths are.
Ryan is dedicated to providing men with the education, tools and support they need to be the best version of themselves in all areas of their life.

As a professional Self-Leadership Coach and Yoga Teacher, Erin draws on over 15 years working in personal growth and wellbeing alongside her educational background and personal experiences. Integrating mind and body, she helps her clients realise personal transformation through self-exploration, mindfulness, and holistic wellbeing. Erin holds a nurturing, supportive space with an emphasis on developing higher levels of self-awareness. She’s completed a Masters in Psychology of Coaching at the University of Sydney and Bachelors of Science in Health and Exercise at the University of Victoria alongside various mindfulness-based coaching and yoga teacher trainings.

Erin Tetarenko Self-Leadership Coach

Erin Tetarenko

Self-Leadership Coach

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CoHealth is a community of healers, health ambassadors, athletes and leaders who believe our whole lives matter.  Much more than a health clinic, CoHealth is a hub for holistic wellbeing and lifelong learning. With a focus on integrative health, CoHealth provides services and resources to empower people to fully participate in their self-development and healing process. From osteopathy to self-leadership to personalised exercise prescription, there’s a method to suit your in-the-moment needs.

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